March 2020 Yard of the Month

We didn’t have to go very far or look very hard to find our Yard of the Month award for March 2020! The award goes to one of our newer members, Jean Seawell, and her husband Terry. They live at 25956 San Rafael Court in Mission Inn. Jean and Terry are the original owners of their home and decided that they wanted to update their landscaping and give everything a fresh new look, and they certainly have accomplished that! Their home is located on a corner lot and their back yard faces the golf course, allowing you to easily see the many aspects of their renewed yard. Flat-stone edging and walls in earthen colors neatly define and complement all of the different areas of plantings.


In the front yard of their home stands a sumptuous magnolia tree. At the base of this beautiful tree, azaleas are planted and will soon be showing off their cheerful blooms. On each side of the garage entrance, there are blue wild lilies interspersed with cardboard palms and creeping juniper. This combination makes for a pleasing visual that consists of different textures and different shades of green and will provide a pretty pop of blue when the lilies are in bloom. On the right side of the house, there are groupings of podocarpus and variegated pittosporum. On the side of the house that faces San Jose Boulevard, you will see a lovely display of various appealing plants. There are azaleas, coontie palms, blue wild lilies and variegated pittosporum. This truly is a great example of how differentiation between multiple shades of green, the soon-to-be blue flowers of the wild iris, the pink and white blooms of the azaleas and the difference in height, texture and shape provide interest and really make a statement. Here is a fun fact – coontie palms are not actually palms but are a palm-like cycad plant The back yard is the pièce de résistance! Anyone driving by will be able to easily see and enjoy this picturesque area of tranquility! Taking center stage is a tremendous Sylvester palm that makes a very impressive statement as the focal point.. Flanking each side of this magnificent Sylvester palm are graceful roebelenii palms. Blanketing the ground under these gorgeous trees, you will see creeping juniper, cardboard palms, blue wild irises and knockout roses. One’s senses are naturally engaged when you see the height, color and texture differences in this backyard oasis. Jean and Terry’s yard is a great example of how changing your landscaping can really bring new excitement to your yard and your home. They have done an outstanding and comprehensive job of showing how interesting your yard can look when height and texture meets color. Talk about curb appeal, this home has it! Be sure to drive by and enjoy this beautiful yard!