Blanche Hobbs Awards

Congratulations Karen Dreesen!!! An honor presented to a member for her outstanding service to the club….. Karen has been our talented club photographer for many years and has diligently created our club scrapbooks. Now Karen is working to preserve our historical scrapbooks (from 1951 to this year!) on the website. Thanks so much for all that you have done for the club.

Blanche Hobbs: An honor presented to a member for her outstanding service to the club

2019 Blanche Hobbs Award_Karen Dreesen

Blanche Hobbs moved to Howey from her native Columbus, Georgia, and was extremely active in civic and community causes, especially education. She soon joined the Howey Garden Club, as it was known then, and became enthusiastically involved. In the early 1980’s, she originated the “Sweet Pea” award to be given to members who had gone out of their way to serve the organization. The award evolved to become “The Blanche Hobbs” award, in recognition of Blanche’s own southern hospitality and dedication to our club. A deserving member is honored each Spring.

Blanche Hobbs Winners:

Karen Dreesen 2019
Dianna Whitt 2018
Carol Roque and Patty Lang 2017
Jackii Molsick 2016
Sylvia Morse & Pat Miller 2015
Dee Blunt 2014
Wendy Gordon 2013
Carol Hart 2012
Janice Conroy 2011
Susan Kerr 2011
Margot Kleine 2010
Judy Lutkus 2009
Kathleen Ormsbee 2008
Joyce Herrington 2007
Beth Robertson 2006
Ann Griffin 2005
Vera Korpman 2004
Bonnie Nebel 2003
Alice Ayers 2002
Wanda Montgomery 2001
Clio Merkel 2000
Marianne Beck 1999
Marguerite Martin 1998
Pat Warner 1997
Jan Pratt 1996
Suzanne Gray 1996
Jay Linforth 1995
Helen Buck 1994
Mary Becker 1993