May 2020 Yard of the Month – The Glock’s

Amid the craziness of the world we are currently living in, we found respite in our Yard of the Month for May 2020.  We welcome you to walk or drive by and see the beauty of Jan and Larry Glock’s yard located at 9223 San Jose Boulevard in Mission Inn.
A pretty Loropetalum hedge parallels the driveway. The Ligustrum tree out in front is surrounded by cheery Buttercup flowers.
The focal point at this time of year that immediately catches your eye is the glorious border of golden yellow daylilies! These were given to Jan from her mother-in-law’s garden in 1974 and have been divided and moved. They bloom in March/April and then again in July/August. Jan said she believes they are Stella do Oro Reblooming Daylilies. Behind the daylilies are azaleas and gold mound spirea shrubs.
Several Crepe Myrtles of various colors provide blooms and color all summer long. Two of them were transplanted from their previous home in Windermere, FL.
Also in the front yard is a Bird of Paradise, several Roebelenii palms and a Bottlebrush hedge.


Alongside the house are dwarf gardenia bushes. Jan likes to cut the blooms and float them in a bowl in the kitchen, reminiscent of her grandmother in Fort Lauderdale. There are rain lilies, a few of which are descendants of bulbs from her childhood home in Fort Lauderdale. You will also see pineapple plants with varying stages of growing pineapples! Jan literally plants them from pineapples they purchase at the grocery store.
There are many hidden treasures to be seen in the backyard! There is a lovely magnolia tree. They have a beautiful Bird of Paradise that was originally from dividing a plant at her childhood home in Fort Lauderdale.  It has been moved to three houses! Jan said it nearly died when it was transplanted here at their home in Mission Inn, but it managed to survive, and much to their delight, has finally bloomed for the first time in eight and a half years!
Larry can frequently be seen gardening in the yard. He turned a small patch of grass behind the breakfast area window into a flower garden that has a variety of annual and perennial flowers. The Camellias are just about finished blooming, but other flowers will continue to provide color and will bloom through the summer. For several years he had a vegetable garden and the neighbors all enjoyed the bountiful harvest it provided.
A staghorn fern has been divided over the years from a plant that was started by pups of Jan’s father’s huge staghorn in 1975.
While we were visiting with Jan, a Mockingbird made its presence known by serenading us in a Holly Berry tree right outside of their lanai. Jan said he sings to her every day. This tree is also perfect for hanging orchids. A few of these orchids were part of her mother’s orchid collection from 30 years ago! A big thank you to Jan for providing us with the stories and history of the plants that grace their yard.  It is clear to see that they both have a love of gardening and that plants are sentimental to them and invoke wonderful memories of family. Truly a legacy that will live on!